MVFK – Malmens Veteran Flying Club was founded in 2009 with origin from the previous military flying clubs at F 3 Wing and FMV Verification and Validation unit at Malmen Air Base (ESCF) outside of Linköping, Sweden.

The purpose of the club is to maintain and fly historic aircraft with special interest in former Swedish Armed Forces military aircraft. Currently the club is operating one Scottish Aviation ”Bulldog”, designation SK 61 in Swedish military service. This aircraft is owned by the Swedish Air Force Museum. The club also own two Saab 91B/C ”Safir”, designation SK 50B/C in Swedish military service with the goal to have at least one of them in flying condition over time.

The club is today located at Saab airfield (ESSL) in Linköping, Sweden together with Linköpings Flying Club, LFK. Visitor information can be found on LFK homepage.

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