Invitation Safir & MFI meeting 2019

SE-KUB och SE-LAZ inför landning på Malmen. Foto TIFF 4-2013

Malmens Veteran Flying Club would like to welcome to the Saab 91 Safir and MFI-9/15/17 meeting 2019. The meeting will be held at Saab Linköping airfield (ESSL) June 14-16, 2019. Location is Linköping Flygklubb club house at Pilotgatan 10, GAC – General Aviation Center.

The preliminary agenda:

  • Friday June 14.
    • 16.00 ESSL Fly-In and Barbecue. We will light up the barbecue at 18.00.
  • Saturday June 15.
    • 11.00 Technical meeting. Location GAC. Discuss how to keep our aircraft airworthy for many years to come.
    • 15.00 Visit to the Swedish Air Force Museum at Malmen.
    • 19.00 Hangar party! Location GAC.
  • Sunday June 16.
    • 10.00 Location GAC. Presentation by Eric von Rosen about Carl-Gustaf von Rosens record flight with a Saab Safir to Ethiopia in May 1947.
    • 10.30 Presentation by Thomas Lilja about MFI-15, 50 year since first flight. 12.00 Formation flight with all Safir/MFI attending the meeting.

Instructions on how to get to Linköping Flying Club by ground or air can be found here. It is very important to get a PPR approval before arrival with an aircraft since Saab is a restricted airfield.

MVFK has arranged with lower price for accommodation at Scandic Frimurar Hotel in Linköping. When booking a room state agreement number D-354001059 and Saab AB Björn Rystedt as POC.

To prepare for interesting discussions during the technical meeting we would like to get your questions and possible subjects that you can inform about in advance to the meeting. We are planning to put together a list with companies/experts that Safir&MFI users can contact when there is a technical question. Send an e-mail with your suggestions to or

Malmens Veteran Flying Club is looking forward to meet everyone interested in the Saab 91 Safir and MFI-9/15/17.

Please: Fill in this doodle with information if you will attend the meeting. We need to know how many will attend the hangar party NLT june 9 in order to order food. However, if there are extra guests we will light up the barbeque again!

Many thanks to our sponsor for the meeting, Saab AB! Saab AB is the design authority for Saab Safir and MFI-9/15.


5 reaktioner till “Invitation Safir & MFI meeting 2019

  1. Hi Malmen Vintage Aeroclub! What a splendid idea to invite all Safir and MFI aircrafts. Did you send an invitation to the Bölkow society in Germany? I have an MFI9 and will certainly come to this meet if weather and winds permit. Is there a registration fee?
    Best regards Siv Rönne


    1. Bölkow owners are of course very welcome. I have not sent a specific invitation to the Bölkow society, but if you could please pass this invitation forward I would be very grateful. There is no invitation fee, but we would like to know how many that will attend the meeting. If you want to fly to the meeting there is a mandatory PPR to land on ESSL (Saab airfield in Linköping).


  2. Finland’s main annual airshow is June 15-16, 2019 at Turku (Åbo) so all our Safirs are there, including our four ship Woikoski Safir display team.


  3. Timo Kopranen 3 Apr 2019 — 9:38 f m


    it would be absolutely great to attend with OH-SFJ / SF-24, but we have our main airshow 2019 in Turku on June 15th-16th. At least five finnish Safir attend to that display. Have a great get-together, greetings from SF-24 crew! Timo


    1. Thank you very much. I hope you will come from Finland next year instead!



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