Saab 91B Safir for sale (sold)

23-04-15 Update. The aircraft has now been sold.

Malmens Historical Flying Club will sell one Saab 91B Safir.

Registration: SE-KUB

Serial no: 91-275-1268

Manufactured year: 1953

Total time: 6559,95 H

The aircraft will be sold without engine or propeller.

The aircraft has been flown in Swedish Air Force service. Since 1990-10-30 in civilian register. It was last flown 2013-12-28. It has been stored indoor since last usage. Complete civilian documentation. It has been mainated according to Swedish EAA Experimental rules.

The wingbolts were replaced according to Saab Service Bulletin SB 91.1.005 at 6177,15 H. They are recommended to be replaced again.

Good overall condition of fuselage and wings. The instrumentation is old, see pictures.

The aircraft is stored at Linköping Airport (ESSL) in Sweden.

Price: 5000 Euro

Contact for more information.


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