Saab Safir & Engines for sale

MVFK – Malmen Veteran Flying Club will sell two Saab 91B Safir and three Lycoming O-435 engine cores. The aircraft are sold as is without engine or propeller. The cores are sold as is with the engine parts installed or available. All airworthiness documentation are available.

Update 2020-06-29: Aircraft SE-LAK and engine s/n 780 have been sold.

Update 2020-07-21: Aircraft SE-KUA and engine s/n 795 have been sold.

The aircraft and engines are stored in a hangar at Saab airfield (ESSL) in Linköping, Sweden.

Contact MVFK: Björn Rystedt, +46 734 182226, bjrys66(at)

Saab 91B Safir SE-LAK, s/n 91.271, SwAF s/n 50.062

Total time: 6004:42 h. Last overhaul 100 h check 19 december 1996.

LAK right side

LAK left side

LAK rear

LAK cockpit

LAK serial

SE-KUA and SE-LAK wings.

LAK KUA Wings 1

LAK KUA Wings 2

SE-LAK swedish civil airworthiness documentation.

LAK books

LAK time

LAK overhaul

Saab 91B Safir SE-KUA, s/n 91.254, SwAF s/n 50.042

Total time: 5998:45 h. Last overhaul 100 h check 21 april 2000.

KUA right side

KUA left side

KUA rear

KUA cockpit

KUA Serial

SE-KUA swedish civil airworthiness documentation.

KUA books

KUA time

KUA overhaul

Lycoming O-435 engine core s/n 763

Total time 4854 h. Time since overhaul 850 h. Only the core. This engine has only been used in military service. Last overhaul 13 september 1993.

Engine 763

Engine 763 military record

Lycoming O-435 engine core s/n 780

Total time 4377 h. Time since overhaul 398 h.  Removed from SE-LAK 18 january 2020. The engine is complete, except the cylinders.

Engine 780

Engine 780 book

Engine 780 time

Lycoming O-435 engine core s/n 795

Total time 5296 h. Time since overhaul 1464 h.  Removed from SE-KUB 16 march 2015. The engine is disassembled and complete, except the cylinders.

Engine 795

Engine 795 book

Engine 795 time


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